Friday, January 19, 2007

Getting Started

I'm currently at my place of employment. I'd call it "work" but that isn't really accurate. I'm not expected to work all that hard, just be available in case someone becomes ill or is injured.

I'm employed as a security officer / paramedic at a remote industrial site. Because I have to stay on-site while off duty I work a two week on/two off schedule. It's like living two different lives. Certainly it's two different lifestyles.

Like anything in life, my job has it's good points, and it's bad. On the plus side, it is a year-round, full-time, money-making job. Those can be hard to find in Alaska. I'm reasonably well compensated for my efforts.

On the down side, the schedule frequently interferes with other things I'd rather be doing. I have to board my dog team with a friend while at work, which makes it difficult to keep up with their training. I miss out on a lot of fun social events at times when I am "stuck at my place of employment."

As my friend Mike Green frequently says, "Work is the curse of the leisure class."

Ultimately, I'm a very motivated employee. I'm motivated by the mortgage payments, utility bills, veterinary bills, price of dog food, etc., etc.......

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