Wednesday, February 7, 2007

My Dog Team May Be on Television

Check this out. There is a documentary film crew that is going to be traveling at least part of the way with this year's Norman Vaughn Serum Run "25 expedition. The Serum 25 Run is a long distance dog mushing expedition that commemorates the courageous effort and success of the original Serum Runners, who were responsible for bringing the life saving diphtheria serum to Nome in 1925.

When the producers learned that modern racing-type sled dogs are much different than historical freighting types, they wanted to find some old-school dogs to film. They contacted Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association president Scott Chesney, who then referred them to me.

Based on the thread of Emails we've been sending back and forth, unless something changes in the meantime, it's looking like my dogs are going to become TV stars, representing the historical dogs that saved the children of Nome from the ravages of diptheria back in 1925.

I am really excited about the project, though I suspect that my dogs really couldn't care less, so long as they get to run and pull. The story of the original serum run is one of the most dramatic tales of dog mushing history. A synopsis of the serum run can be read on the Serum Run "25" site linked above, and the book The Cruelest Miles by Gay Salsbury is an very detailed and well researched history of the event that brought dog mushing to the attention of all Americans.


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