Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thank You, Kyle Belleque

Kyle Belleque, a freight dog driver in Dillingham, Alaska, has given me a wonderful gift that will almost certainly help my little team of big dogs. I just returned from the airport where I picked up three beautiful, nine month old pups. The new pups can boast some very prestigious blood lines and I think they can't help but improve my team.

They are beautiful, healthy animals with thick, shiny coats and sparkling eyes. As expected, they were pretty stressed out when I picked them up at the airport. Of course I'm pretty freaked out when I have to travel somewhere new, and pretty grumpy after spending hours on an airplane. Once we got home my older dogs greeted the newcomers very nicely, and within half an hour the pups were comfortable enough, confident enough, and especially hungry enough to eat their supper.

As the new dogs get settled into their new 'digs' I'll shoot some photographs and post them on the Blog.

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