Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Kim Green

Yesterday Kim Green celebrated her 50th birthday with a party. LOTs of people showed up to help Kim along. The Thunder Hawk Native American Drum group started off the festivities, with drumming and dancing echoing the heartbeat of our mother Earth.

Then, members of the world famous Fairbanks Red Hackle Pipe Band brought some high highland spirits to the celebration.

Kim brought in her next new year of life with a bang, literally. I brought along my "little" 3 lb muzzleloading canon and Kim took great delight in learning to load and fire the gun. I suspect her neighbors weren't quite so delighted as was Kim and company.

The party included lots of good food and drink, but most impressive was the guest list. Kim and Mike have eclectic interests, reflected by the party goers. Celebrating Scots heritage, Native heritage, animal lovers, dancers, artists, old timers and kids the group was a wonderful cross section of our little community.

By proper measure, we all enjoy great wealth. Our wealth isn't measured by dollars, though. It's measured by our friends and relationships. Yesterday's party showed that Kim is wealthy indeed in all the ways that truly matter.

Happy Birthday, Kim. And best wishes for many, many more.

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