Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Bolt from the Blue

When 33 year old Martina Delp headed into the woods to work on a trail I'm sure she had no clue that she would be hit by a bolt from the blue. In this case, the bolt came from a Golden Valley Electric Association power line, an it resulted in Martina's death.

For the past couple of days volunteers throughout the valley have been jumping through our butts to find foster homes for her 30 dogs and it this point it looks like the effort has been successful. Spearheaded by Loving Companions Animal Rescue, veterinary care has been arranged for some dogs who need to be spayed or neutered before placement, and the others are well on their way to new, albeit is some cases temporary, homes.

It's been a remarkable effort, especially for this time of year. Nearly everyone who is normally involved with sled-dog rescue efforts in this region was already filled to capacity or a bit beyond so the phone lines have been busy as volunteers have sought out potential foster homes willing to take just one or two dogs here, another dog or two there. To see people step up to help has been heartwarming. It reminds me that as a whole, dog mushers are pretty astounding people. When push comes to shove they almost always come up with a way to solve the problem in a way that is in the best interest of the dogs.

Events in my own past have proved that life is uncertain. We never really know whether we will survive another day or not. Have you made arrangements for the care of your dogs if you were to suddenly die or be incapacitated?

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