Monday, December 3, 2007

Daisy's Back - Dutchess is Bigger than Thought - Human Kennel Cough

The good news first. The "darling" Daisy was injured during a training run last Wednesday. She's been improving steadily and this afternoon our vet had a chance to check her out. She apparently is recovering from a muscle strain. Dr. Olson injected her with an herbal medication and said I can start running her again, but to start her slow and low mileage. I'm thinking a short run with Kia would be just the ticket for her.

Dutchess belongs to Tammi and Manny Rego, and is on loan to the Stardancer Historical Freight Dogs kennel to help train the yearlings. She's a marvelous little leader, but Tammi has been bursting out in giggles every time I refer to her as "Little Dutchess". Compared to most of my team she seems a rather diminutive little girl, though Tammi swears she is one of the largest dogs in her yard.

Well, I have to admit that I stand appropriately corrected. I took Little Dutchie along to visit Dr. O in order to put her on the scale. This "little" girl weighs almost 56 lb., and is quite thin. Once I have her back up to "running" weight I'm sure she will indeed weigh 60 lb or a bit more. Nonetheless, I'm sure I'll continue to refer to her as "Little Dutchess", and Tammi will just have to keep giggling. That's OK with me. Tammi is a wonderful friend and deserves to giggle, or even laugh out loud whenever she wishes.

So, all the dogs seem to be healthy again, but now their musher is down. I'm apparently coming down with a human version of kennel cough. I have a dry, hacking cough, a scratchy throat and a stuffed up head. I think I'll be laying pretty low for a couple of days and hoping for a speedy recovery.


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