Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Headin' Back to The House

I've been at my place of employment for the past two weeks, protecting the pipeline from the ravages of crime, terrorism and disease. I've obviously done a good job, as no one has stolen the pipeline, terrorists have not struck and no one at my pump station has been ill or injured.

In fact, working night shift has been very boring during this particular tour of duty. Every worker who can get away for the holidays has done so, and at my particular station our crew is small, basically a skeleton crew with just enough people to get the necessary work done.

So, there hasn't been anything posted on my blog for the past two weeks. In this case it is a matter of no news being good news - I haven't had to arrest anybody, I haven't had to fight off terrorists and I haven't had to run any emergency medical calls.

Tomorrow I'll head back to the house, ready to spend two weeks back in the real world. I can hardly wait to get there.

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