Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kennel Renovation Progress

I made pretty good progress in the kennel renovation project today in spite of an early morning challenge. After watering the dogs I hitched up my little utility trailer and headed for town to purchase materials. That progressed well enough for 11 mile, when I blew a tire on the trailer. Since I didn't have a spare I had to park the trailer at a nearby friend's house and make a trip to the tire store.

My favorite tire shop had one in stock, but are way behind in work so won't be able to mount it for me for a day or two. I left the tire and wheel there and drove over to a nearby truck accessory store where I was able to purchase another wheel and tire for a barely reasonable sum. The total delay was a couple of hours.

Once the trailer was back up and running a quick albeit expensive trip to Home Despot netted all the materials I should need for the project.

When I returned home the sky was turning gray and threatening rain showers. I was nonetheless able to add a fence panels to one of my free-run pens, doubling the size of the pen. That gives me two different pens, one of 500 square feet and the second of 200 square feet, in which I can confine compatible dogs. This particular pen will hopefully be serving as a whelping pen later this summer.

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