Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ready for the Dozer and Dumper

It's only a bit after noon, but I've finished the prep work needed so that Terry Snow of Cooterbear Enterprises can bring in his dozer and dump truck to do the dirt work for the kennel renovation. When it comes to making the earth move in Two Rivers, Alaska - Terry is The Man.

So far today I've made a quick trip into town where I ate breakfast cooked by someone else, picked up the spare tire for the trailer that replaces a tire that blew out on Wednesday, and but dog food on the last day of a sale. I bought 10 bags, and received the 11th bag free. I feed a premium dog food that is formulated specifically for athletic dogs and even though it is rather expensive, I feel it is well worth the cost. My dogs do exceptionally well on this particular brand of dog food. Should the manufacturer or local distributor decide to sponsor the Stardancer Historical Freight Dogs Team with a healthy, on-going discount I'll be happy to name the brand. If your curious contact me through whatever means you may and I'll share the name.

One I returned home from town I finished removing fencing and fence posts, moved a couple of small vehicles out of the way, and am now ready for tomorrow's big event. I'm planning to shoot lots of photographs so I can share the transformation with you.

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