Monday, June 2, 2008

A Good Day's Work

I started the day with a trip to town to buy fencing materials and grass seed for the expanded dog yard. Today was very warm, so upon my return I placed 15 gallon galvanized tubs in the dog yard so every dog has access to at least one. By filling each about half way every dog can play in the tub whenever s/he wishes to cool off a bit.

I spent the remainder of the day planting fence posts, and I'm very pleased that ALL the posts are in. I can start off tomorrow hanging fencing, and if the project continues half as smoothly as it went today I may even get some grass seed down and watered.

I received the bill for yesterday's dirt work, and couldn't be more delighted. The actual cost came in considerably under the original estimate. The savings is significant enough to buy a LOT of dog food.

Today was the warmest day thus far this spring, with a high of 73 degrees F here at the house. Maybe we'll finally start getting some seasonally appropriate weather.

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