Sunday, August 17, 2008

Only One More Wake Up to Go

That's right! I'm a short-timer here at my place of employment. Tomorrow night will be my last night of duty before two weeks of "R&R". I can hardly wait to return home, gather my dogs, and play with puppies.

Lynn reports the puppies are growing at an astounding rate and are doing well. All of have become active exporers of their pen, and a couple have shown some interest in Lucky's food dish, though Lucky seems to have a different perspective of that idea. Here are some photos of the puppies that Lynn sent in an Email a couple of days ago.

Although we enjoyed a couple of pretty days along with a few hours here and there of nice skies, tonight it is overcast and raining, and the forecast isn't particularly pleasant. It looks like this wet and cool weather pattern is going to stick with us for a while. That's not entirely a bad thing as insects have not been particularly bothersome this year. Also, it will be good for the puppies to be comfortable with wet feet - it may make it easier for them to cope with overflow while running on winter trails.

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