Thursday, August 21, 2008

Puppy Weights

It's been a nice day here all day, mostly clear skies and cool but not cold temperatures.

After feeding Lucky and scooping the rest of the kennel I fired up the garden tractor and mowed the grass. The front yard is looking more like someone cares, and that really is my objective. I'm real concerned about a meticulously kept lawn, I just want to keep it under control. The back yard looks fine, not a lot of growth since the last time I ventured there.

This afternoon I weighed all the puppies, as they need to be wormed. These guys are not lightweights, either.

The heaviest of the litter was the male Polaris. If you'll recall, the reason we named puppies so early was so that we wouldn't start referring to him as "Piggy Pup". Mr. Polaris tipped the scales at 9.0 lb. The smallest, as expected, is the little boy Orion, who only hit 6.0 lb. The third male, Midnight Son, weighted in at 7.2 lb.

All three of the females, White Star, Capella and Cassiopeia, weigh 7.6 lb.

Each puppy was wormed with Pyrantel, a good wormer with a wide margin of error that is well effective against whip and pin worms, but not particularly good with tapeworms. Since tapes are most commonly ingested when dogs kill and eat mice, voles and similar rodents I don't think it's a high risk with the litter yet. They aren't quite ready to start hunting.

The puppies are doing well, and I'm having a great time with them.



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