Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Home Again!!!

I got off duty at 6:00 this morning the beat-feet for the house, via a quick stop at the grocery store. That was a very quick (albeit) expensive stop, as I will have a house guest this R&R who LOVES to cook, and cooks very well. There is something about southern women and home cooking that goes together like sled dogs and snow. We have to be in town Thursday anyway, and she wants to select her own ingredients. Who am I to argue, eh?

At the house I got the puppies settled all together in the large pen next to the garage. With 500 square feet of space in which to romp, I figured they'd keep themselves entertained very nicely.

I grabbed a few too-short hours of sleep, and then headed out to pick up the rest of my dogs from their boarding kennels. Words can't express how much we enjoy seeing each other again. The dogs jump and leap with glee, and if I were longer or a bit less inhibited I'd probably do the same.

They are all looking just great, well fed, good weight and rarin' to run. We'll do that tomorrow while my guest catches up on her sleep.

So, at this moment the dogs are fed, I am fed, and all of us are home and content. Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz" was right - there is NO place like home.

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