Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Puppy Progress

I'm half way through my tour of duty at my place of employment, and already looking forward to my next R&R. I'm going to have some company from Outside, and plans include introducing the puppies to their career as sled dogs and also a cabin-camping trip into the White Mountain National Recreation Area.

I have the puppies up here at work with me again, camping in the truck in the lot right next to the guard shack. We've been doing a lot of 1 on 1 behavior work and I've also introduced them to the harness by taking them on little canicross walks in the big parking area.

All three of them seem to love pulling me around in their harness, but Orion is truly the shining star of the three. He leans into the harness from the very start and doesn't stop pulling until we're back at the truck. On our last excursion he was giving a little "yip" with every lunge, as though saying "let's go faster, let's go faster." I think he inherited his daddy Torus' drive.

Here is a video clip from Orion's very first time harness. I hope you enjoy it.

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