Monday, June 1, 2009

Dogs At Play While I'm Away

AussieAlaskan asked "How do your dogs go when you are away - I guess they all "staying over" with friends - do you see them when you are back in town briefly?"

While I'm away at my place of employment I board my dogs with friends. Mike and Kim Green take about half of them into their Kimmik Kennel, just a few miles from my place and Lynn Orbison takes the other half into her Daisy Acres kennel. Although they both charge me the same very reasonable rate, the boarding fees add up quickly to a pretty substantial expense.

Both Kimmik and Daisy Acres offer a lot more shade for the dogs, which is very helpful this time of year. They haven't yet completely blown their winter underfur, so bright hot days leave them seeking shade and lots of clean, cool water. Lynn frequently incorporates some of my dogs into her teams during training. Mike is basically retired, so the dogs that go to him generally go on "R&R" while I'm off at work.

When I get off duty next Tuesday I'll have only a few hours at home before dashing off to board a plane for Kentucky. Unless there is some pressing reason to do so, I probably won't visit the dogs. If I do they would be quite upset when I leave and not take them with me. As much as they like Lynn, Mike and Kim - they know who they belong to and I really don't want to upset them any more than necessary.

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