Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feeling Ill

It's a darned good thing I got so much accomplished in town on Thursday, because I've come down with some sort of bug. Hallmarks of this particular beast are a nagging headache, coughing, ticklish throat, and no energy to speak of at all.

I first noticed the symptoms Thursday morning, but I soldiered on, getting the heater motor in my car replaced, repairing the flat trailer tire, getting the resources I needed from the UAF library and doing my grocery shopping all in good time. By the time I returned home I realized that I wasn't going to be able to dodge this bullet, as my nose was running like a faucet, my head felt like it was inhabited by a Native drum group, and just feeding the dogs and scooping the yard left me feeling like I'd done a full day of work. I certainly wasn't feeling prime during our Mush with P.R.I.D.E. teleconference Board of Directors meeting, and by the time the meeting was over I was barely able to nuke up something for supper before crashing.

Yesterday was thoroughly miserable. I got the dogs their breakfast, and had to lie down for a bit to recover. I did a few little things with the computer, but otherwise just tried to rest before evening feeding. I fed the team, scooped the yard and watered the dogs, and was done in for the evening. I forced myself to cook a reasonably healthy meal and that was it.

Today isn't much better. All I've accomplished so far is feeding, watering and scooping the dogs, making a trip to the post office, and having short visits with Stephanie Little Wolf and Don Standing Bear. Don is moving to the Lower-48 for the winter (he has health issues requiring him to become a "snow bird"), and I really wanted to see him before he flies from the nest. I may try mowing the yard for one last time before I care for the dogs this evening, but I doubt I'll have much left by the time I finish.

I don't feel like it is a terribly serious thing, but I'm certainly not feeling my best either. For now all I can do is hang in there and hope it is a short-lived bug.


  1. All Right, Swanny. Remember Mom's cure all for all that ails you.. Tomato's. Either juice or in your meal along with some onion and garlic. She would take a quart of tomatoes canned up over summer, toss into the blender and whirl away. Sprinkled with a wee bit of seasoning and that was it.

  2. Well, Swanny - the bug hasn't done much for your moose hunting either. Hope you are feeling better. AussieAlaskan

  3. Still down with something, Swanny? Hope not. AussieAlaskan