Saturday, September 5, 2009

In Between Calls

I'm currently in Georgetown, Kentucky doing a week of clinical training with Georgetown Scott County EMS. Each quarter I must do a clinical rotation, with the objective of keeping my patient care skills as sharp as I can given the low volume at my place of employment. As like most of these rotations, during one day I see more patients than I'm likely to treat over the course of a full year at my regular duty station.

Georgetown is located north of Lexington. Home to beautiful traditional farms, including some of the finest horse farms in the bluegrass country, it is also home to a huge Toyota assembly plant. I do believe that some of the friendliest people in North America live here in Georgetown. Their EMS system reflects the current "state of the art", most of their medics are very experienced. All in all, I'd rate them as an excellent service.

There hasn't been much news from home lately. Darling Daisy, who is boarding with Lynn Orbison, has been put on thyroxine as her blood work showed she is hypothyroid. That makes 3 dogs in my yard with the same condition. Hypothyroid is relatively common in aging sled dogs. Some feel it is induced by years of exercise, and others hypothesize it is a result of over-vaccination. Fortunately, it is easily and inexpensively treated.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to having a week off next week. I'll be home very late Tuesday night, and by Wednesday afternoon I should have the dogs home and settled, maybe sneak in a little training run with a team, and be ready to head afield with rifle in hand, "looking around" so see if some bull moose might be feeling suicidal.

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