Friday, October 16, 2009

Abner Update

Dr. Olson sent me some Emails with some pics of Abner's injury today. I won't gross you out with the bloody ones. It should suffice to say that the poor boy was very close to bleeding out due to a nicked artery along with veins. There is likely some nerve damage, but we can't know how extensive until the wounds heal. The gash extends from his scrotal sac, parallels his penis and the curves around his leg just above his stifle.

To close the wound Dr. O had to stretch the skin very tightly to make up for some missing tissue. Here is a photo of the exceptional job Dr. O did of closing this difficult wound.

Healing is very dependent on restoration of blood circulation to the skin, and only time will tell how well that works out. Lynn O said Abner is trying to move around some, and is supporting weight on the injured leg, but that he is standing on top of his foot rather than the pads. That could be due to nerve damage or simply because of the swelling and tightness of the skin. Again, only time can provide the answers.

It's unlikely that Abner will run in the team this year. He's in for an extensive period of rehabilitation and physical therapy. I'm thinking that Abner is probably going to be a house dog for quite a while.

He's alive, though. He's also young, active and has one of the sweetest temperaments you could ask for. I'm hopeful that he'll do well.

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