Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back on the Training Trail.

After a good night's sleep things looked brighter this morning. I had the dogs watered and scooped well before sunrise (which is about 8:30 this time of year), and we were at Lynn O's place ready to run by 10;30.

It was a bright, crisp morning. I had to remove the spark plug and clean the fouling off of it with a wire brush so the machine would run. That will probably have to be part of the routine from now until the poor old thing finally dies.

As has become our habit, Lynn and I ran two teams today. One with all the dogs I brought and two of hers, and other made up of all her dogs. Here is the training report for "my" team today.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009:

3.3 miles. PV Rd to Paw Print to Schoen’s field to Lake Trout, first Gee to go long way around, down Ander’s to Jean Joyce Loop to PV Rd and back to Lynn’s.

Grace & Just (Lead)

Orion & Abner (Swing)

Corona & Claritin (Lynn’s dogs in Team)

Beau & Rose (Wheel)

Max speed ~ 12.5 mph. Average speed ~8.7 (Going by memory as my GPS is still hanging on the machine)

We put Grace out on the gangline first, letting her wait while we hooked up the other dogs. She was set up so that she couldn’t chew her harness, and she seemed to do a really good job of waiting. Orion wasn’t as difficult to harness as he was before, and neither was Abner. I think the “kids” are learning that it’s all part of the game.

I left the machine in neutral for the launch, and they hauled us out of the yard at a real good clip, all dogs nicely lined out and running fine. A bit of confusion on a couple of the cues, but they figured out what we wanted in short order. Just would sometimes prefer to make his own choices, which has caused some difficulties in the past.

Orion and Abner were hard workers up in swing. Orion has his daddy’s work ethic, and Abner just loves life. He has a wonderful trot and I’m looking forward to running him up front with Grace one of these days later in the season.

Corona is an older little dog, but a good worker with a really sweet temperament. Claritin is another yearling who seems to be coming along quite nicely for Lynn. Beau and Rose leaned into their harnesses and made things move.

It was a beautiful morning, and an excellent training run.

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