Friday, November 20, 2009


I just finished up a bit of 'housekeeping' on the old-school blog. Frequent fliers may notice that I've removed the link to the Stinky Pup Kennel blog, and replaced it with a link to Jeff King's "Husky Homestead" instead. It's been a long time since anything was posted on the Stinky Pup site, and Jeff has started updating his blog more regularly, so some news is better than no news.

Mr. King posted some fun stuff today that might be worth checking out. He got a new freight sled from Dave Klumb and based on the photo, well, I'm just plumb jealous. That looks like a great bit of work in an old-school sort of way. Mr. King also posted a photo of a different sled - an ultralight sprint racing sled, and one that has seen better days. If you aren't aware, Jeff is leasing a team from sprint racing champions Terry and Buddy Streeper to compete in the 2010 Fur Rondy in Anchorage. It will be Jeff's rookie run, and I suspect he'll find sprint mushing to be almost an entirely different game.

If you've ever been curious about the asking price of a trained lead dog from a top-of-the-line racing kennel, check out Mr. King's blog entry for November 11th. He is advertising a pair of leaders for sale from his kennel, but suck in a deep lungful of air before you read the asking price. I suspect you'll agree the price is rather considerable. If you've ever wondered why dog mushers always seem to be broke, the asking price on those dogs will be ample explanation.

So much for the housekeeping, or maybe I should call it homestead-keeping. Hope you enjoy Mr. King's blog.

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