Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thoughts on Ravens

When I run the dogs I am frequently accompanied by Ravens, and I make it a point to greet them when I notice them. It just seems a common courtesy to acknowledge the company of a fellow traveler, and Ravens are treated with great regard by the Natives of this land. Some people say the Raven is the wisest of the birds, and some people say the Raven represents the spirits of ancestors who have come before us. Some people say that the Ravens are the most human-like of birds, and this would be difficult to refute. Especially after reading a story in this morning's edition of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

Hundreds of birds seem to mourn deaths of fellow ravens by Tim Mowry:

FAIRBANKS — Ravens have feelings, too, at least judging from an eerie scene Tuesday morning on Minnie Street in east Fairbanks.

After two ravens roosting on top of a power transformer were electrocuted, hundreds of ravens showed up within a minute or two and started silently circling overhead and perching in nearby trees.

Go ahead and click on the link to read the whole story. I think you'll find the tale, and the photographs, quite interesting.

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