Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Interesting Weather

The high temperature at the house thus far this morning was 39 degrees F (3.8 C).  Right now it is 37.  Those figures are 'above', not below as would be more likely.  A very strong chinook is blowing over the Alaska range.  Unfortunately, chinook winds are dry winds so it looks like the little snow that's on the trails will be melting down quickly. 

Interesting Good News - Abner

I received an Email from a friend who is tight with Abner's new owner.  She wrote "As Abner is healed up, I harnessed him up and ran him beside Libby in a 2 dog team with the 4 wheeler. He did perfect! So now we’ll run him routinely. 

Interesting Time in the Dentist's Chair

I thought I had lost a crown, but instead it seems I shattered a tooth.  Fortunately it didn't break into the root.  Now I do have a temporary crown on it, while the new one is being formed.  The temporary crown will be replaced the very day I next get off duty from my place of employment.

The procedure was more uncomfortable than the damage, but what must be must be.  My mouth is really a wreck, but my dentist has done me great service over the years and as a result I still have quite a few of my original teeth. 

Interesting Plans for the Day

OK, I confess.  I don't necessarily have any interesting plans for the day.  I'm going to care for the dogs, put my six-dog lines back together with a new cable-filled gang line section and some cable neck lines to thwart Sheenjek's new hobby of line chewing, and just do this and that around the place.  If I can develop a degree of confidence in the four-wheeler I may try running some dogs later. 

I may also shoot some photographs of a couple of antique harnesses I bought a few days ago, to discuss here on the blog.  We'll just have to see how the day progresses.

This evening I've promised a friend to help repair a dog sled.  It needs some hardware and a couple of of stanchions re-tied.  I recently learned how to do that from master sled builder Dave Klumb, and I'm looking forward to practicing my newly developed skill.  OK, I'll make another confession - the promise of a home cooked meal is another powerful motivator. 

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