Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quick Notes

Annual Medical Check Up

Yesterday was the big day for my annual medical check-up.  There really isn't much to report about it.  I was first in line for Dr. Kohnen, she was very thorough as she always is, and didn't find anything new to be concerned about.  Of course, being an internist, she isn't likely to recommend anything new until she gets lab results back.

Among this year's lab work is to run titers to check immunity against several diseases, because I am required to show proof for one of employer mandated training venues.  It will be interesting to see what comes up.  I remember having measles and chicken pox as a kid, and I know with absolute certainty I had mumps as a young man.  I caught that from my daughter, Kati.

It took longer to get through the lab.  There was a pretty good line when I got there to donate, so it took a while.  I was home late enough that I doubted I'd have time to run dogs before dark.

Cabin Planning

I just sent an Email off to Aliy Zirkle.  I am seriously contemplating building a guest house / handler's cabin here at the house, and exchanging rent for dog care while I'm at my place of employment, training, historical reenactments and so forth.  At the moment the plan is for a 12 X 16' cabin with a sleeping loft.  I'm leaning toward heating with with an oil fired Toyo or Monitor stove, as they are very efficient and the main house is already oil heated.  We will install a counter with a sink, plenty of electrical outlets, a nice deck in front, and are debating between laminated wood versus linoleum flooring. 

The plan is to locate near enough the main house that the handler can access the web via my existing wireless DSL system, and the handler will have water available, shower and laundry privileges in the main house.  The location should make dog care chores pretty convenient, and with my schedule providing at least 1, and usually 2 weeks off each month, it should be a more than fair exchange. 

I'll keep you posted as the project continues.  The next step is to get a solid estimate, and start talking to bankers to see what I can do to finance the project. 

Planning to Run Dogs
 About half an hour from now I'll warm up the truck and start loading a team to drive over to Stephanie Little Wolf's place for a training run out in the flats.  This team will include two of the yearlings with Amazing Grace and Torus running in lead.  I expect I'll have a much stronger front-end during our last run over there, so I expect things will go a bit more smoothly, though it will be a slower team.  I imagine my next post will tell whether or not my predictions are accurate.

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