Friday, February 12, 2010

Denali Doubles Update

Jeff King has put the leader board for his new Denali Doubles Sled Dog Race onto a Google Spreadsheet which makes it MUCH easier to follow.  The first team into the turnaround checkpoint at Paxson is that of Gebhart/Berington, arriving at 9:36 this morning.  Next in was Warnke/Smith at 10:43, then Beals/Marrs at 10:46.  Schnuelle/Klein arrived right on their heals at 10:50.  It looks like both of the SP Kennel teams are taking their mandatory 8 hour rest at McClaren River during this outbound leg. 

In the Quest, the live tracker indicates that Hans Gatt is roughly 15 or so miles ahead of Hugh Neff, who just dropped off the top of King Solomon's Dome.   Hans was running at about 8 1/2 mph, while Hugh was clocked at a full mile per hour slower.  Meanwhile Lance Mackey is climbing the mountain at about 5 1/2 mph. 

I'm going to head into town to run some errands in just a bit, but will report more this evening.


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