Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Monday

I'm up an hour before the alarm this morning.  I'll be in class until noon, and will then dash to the airport to catch my flight home.  I'll try to plug in a couple of errands before leaving town for the house.  Tomorrow I have to drive to my "home away from home" on the pipeline for two weeks of work.  I'll be on night shift during this up-coming tour. 

In the race, it appears that Lance Mackey has extended his lead over Jeff King a little bit.  Lance arrived in the checkpoint village of Koyuk at 2:48 this morning, followed by King at 4:02.  Mackey's average speed over the ice was 6.15 mph compared to King's 5.98.  That's not a huge differential but at this point Lance will probably be happy to gain every second that he can.

There is some confusion with the GPS tracking system this morning.  Apparently the trail was moved a bit to west which confuses the computer into thinking that incoming mushers are actually outbound.  As nearly as I can make it out, Hans Gatt is apparently also in Koyuk and Ken Anderson is rapidly approaching, followed by Hugh Neff, John Baker and Mitch Seavey.  Rounding out the current "Top-10", Ramey Smith, Sebastian Schnuelle, Dallas Seavey and Aliy Zirkle are all in Shaktoolik. 

It's time for me to grab some chow and then check out of the hotel.  I'll try to post some more this evening.


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