Monday, March 8, 2010

Out on the Trail

I think the Iditarod mushers probably had more fun than I today.  My day was pretty mundane, actually.  I played with dogs in the morning after feeding and scooping (that was fun), delivered an order to black powder to a customer, picked up a check from one bank to deposit in another, and then deposited another check in a third bank.  I picked up mail at the post office, groceries at Pleasant Valley Store, fluorescent tubes at Kedrick's hardware store and equipment rental place, and then fed and scooped after my dogs.  Oh, I cooked and ate my supper, too. 

According to both the I'rod official standings & the GPS tracker, Sebastian Schnuelle is already into Rohn, with some very strong competition right on his tail.   That means they've survived the roller coaster ride of Dalzell Gorge.  The video clip below shows some of the challenges they had to overcome.

From Rohn they face the snowless muskegs of the Farewell Burn.


Now it looks like John Baker has joined Sebastian in Rohn, with Zach Steer, Paul Gephart, Hugh Neff, Mitch Seavey and Hans Gatt fast approaching.  I think it's going to take another day or two for the field to spread out enough for us to actually determine who are the true leaders of this race.

That represents about all the energy I can muster tonight.  I think I'm going to let Abner and Grace into the house so they can settle in, and we'll all head to bed within the next hour or so. 

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