Sunday, May 9, 2010

No Deed Undone

I got quite a lot accomplished today, enough to impress even me.  I started out by feeding and scooping the yard, then moved into cleaning out all the dog houses and filling in holes in the kennel.  As I worked on each house I let the dog currently living in the house free-run.  Each of them had a great time stretching out around the yard and then visiting all their buddies.  Some of these dogs have created some major excavation projects.  I'm not sure I'll have enough dirt in the fill pile to get through the summer.

I installed a different type of front rack on the four-wheeler, mostly to get it out of the front seat of the truck.  The most interesting project of the day was replacing a valve in the plumbing system of the house.  It required a trip to town to exchange the part I purchased a few days ago for the part I should have purchased instead. 

I lopped some more alder and willow shoots that were trying to overrun the house and lawn, and I marked the area where we will build the new handler's cabin.  By the time that was all finished it was time to feed and scoop the yard again. 

I have to return to work on Tuesday, and will be on night shift.  I should probably start putting together the "do list" for next R&R.  I believe that Allen and Aliy will be starting on the cabin about the same time I get home, and I plan to keep myself busy at other projects in order to stay out of their way. 

Not much else for news at the moment, so I'll publish this and then nuke up something for supper.  Tomorrow is my last day of R&R and I'll be plenty busy running errands and taking the dogs over to their boarding kennel. 

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