Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cabin Pix

It's getting late, but I thought I'd post a few more pix of the cabin.  It's very nearly done.  All that remains is to put a cap over a soffit, dig a hole for the house at the end of the path, and paint the place. 

Front View

Through the door:

The "Kitchen":

The Little House at the End of the Path:

Some of my favorite features:
Plenty of insulation, all of which is well protected from squirrels should render it cheap to heat.
Laminate flooring, which is very easy to maintain and looks good.
Tall tongue and groove wainscoting, protecting the drywall from bumps, bangs and dog's toenails.
LOTS of light.

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  1. Swanny, it looks good :-) Hope they like it too.