Friday, June 25, 2010

Marking Time

Sorry that it's been so long since I've posted something, but there hasn't been much going on worth posting, or at least not that I can post without violating someone's privacy.  I'm still at work (sigh), but after 7 weeks on the job I expect to get one week off starting Tuesday.  Theoretically I should then be back on my normal 2 week on / 2 off schedule.  Of course, that's assuming that Alyeska doesn't spill anymore oil or some other drastic event doesn't occur.

My supervisor tells me we have hired 2 new medics, which should be enough to cover all of our obligations without any more mandatory overtime.  Let's just say that I'm hopeful albeit a wee bit skeptical as well.

I heard from Aliy and Allen yesterday.  The cabin is nearly finished.  They are installing the power meter and getting things ready for GVEA to run power from the nearest pole.  Yesterday they were waiting for interior paint to dry in order to install switch plates, electrical outlet covers, the ceiling fan, smoke and carbon monoxide detector and so forth.  They have the dimensions of the refrigerator I plan to install, so they will be building the kitchen cabinet and some shelves.  The next major decision is to determine appropriate flooring for the building.  That will wait until Tuesday, when I need to go shopping for appliances anyway.  I'm hoping to find some nice pine laminate flooring that will compliment the tongue and groove pine wainscoting and ceiling.  I'm leaning toward laminate rather than carpeting because the laminate is pretty easy to maintain.

I also got an Email from Ted and his new bride, Clare.  They are officially out of their apartment and no longer have easy Internet access.  They plan to be on the road Sunday for the long drive from Virginia to Two Rivers.  It looks like we'll be having a race to finish up the cabin just in time for the new occupants to arrive. 

Mostly, I'm just doing my job and trying my best to cope with an untenable situation.  I'm marking time until I get back to my "other" life, the one my employer seems to believe is immaterial. 

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  1. G'day Swanny - 7 weeks on is a pretty long time!! I bet you really missed not being around to see the cabin take shape and/or assist. But it was really fortunate that Aliy and Allen could forge ahead for you. All the best. Terry