Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back from the Vet

Teddy and I just got home after taking 9 dogs to the vet.  8 were Stardancer sled dogs who received their rabies vaccinations.  The ninth was Teddy's beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever Levi, who needed some sutures removed.  It seems that Levi was rather rude to megamutt Sheenjek, who doesn't suffer rudeness kindly.  With the help of Janece Rollet (CCB) over the phone, we've developed a training plan to teach Levi who to greet other dogs in a way that is less likely to thoroughly piss them off.

It's another wet, drizzly, chilly day.  I'm going to grab some lunch and then decide how to spend the afternoon.  My options are building the new pens, or hauling gear home from Mike Green's place.  I'm currently leaning toward the latter.

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  1. G'day Swanny - good to "see" you back online. I was wondering how the new situation was working out - sounds fine - except for dog intros :-) All the best. Regards, Terry