Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recent Kennel Improvements

We've been very busy around here lately.  Ted and his wife, Clare, have been helping me with some kennel renovations that I'm very happy with.  I've already written about adding two additional free run pens.  We now have four pens, providing a total of 1100 hundred feet of housing space for dogs.  We house 2 dogs in each pen, so now more than half of the team can be housed in pens, with the other half housed on elevated post/swivel tethers.  You can learn more about how the post/swivel tethering system works by clicking HERE.

We've had an unusually wet period lately, which left the kennel a muddy mess.  To solve some of the issues created by excited dogs with muddy paws, and the resulting increase in laundry loads, Stephanie Little Wolf and I went partners to buy a huge truckload of wood shavings, which we've laid down in the yard.  Each pen and "circle" now has a thick bed of wood shavings to help reduce the mud.

Here are two photos, taken from the deck overlooking the dog yard, that show the results of our efforts.

North half of the renovated kennel
South half of the improved kennel
Last night we celebrated our progress with "movie night" in the main house.  I prepared some boiled beef roast, using an 18th century recipe in which the meat is boiled in a 50/50 mix of water and apple cider vinegar, and steamed some veggies.  For our 'starch', we munched on popcorn while watching the film "Iron Will".  It was an excellent evening.

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