Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quiet Sunday Evening

It is a very quiet Sunday night at my workplace.  I've just returned from making my rounds and have some time to myself.  I am a short-timer indeed, with only one more night after tonight before heading to the house for some some earned R&R.

I am sure followers of this blog would find it more readable if I could share more details about my job, but that is out of the question - at least so long as I wish to keep my job.  Let's just say that I earn my living by protecting this facility from the ravages of crime, terrorism and disease.  Of course it isn't nearly so exciting as it sounds, but it does pay the mortgage and the feed company.

We've been getting some pretty decent snow up here in the White Mountains the past week or so.  I understand it hasn't been nearly so much down in the valley.  Nonetheless I'm hopeful that we can start training the dogs on sleds before much longer.  With the colder temperatures the four-wheeler becomes a pretty uncomfortable ride. 

Either way I'm very much looking forward to getting out with the dogs again.  I also have a few days remaining in my quest for moose.  The season will close on the 15th of this month, so I'll be spending quite a bit of time out with my rifle, just looking around in the woods. 

I don't have any major special events planned for the upcoming R&R, but there are few mundane things I'd like to accomplish.  I'd like to find someone who is a very good seamstress to attach my new wolf fur ruff to my parka.  I probably won't need that parka for another month, so now is a really good time to get that done.  My snowmachine needs some work and I'd like to get it into the shop and then back to the house early during the R&R.  I'm hopeful we'll need it to break out our home trail in very short order. 

So, how is that daylight saving time deal working out for you?  I earned an extra hour of overtime last night because of the silly scheme, which I spent diligently resetting clocks.  Nearly all of the major medical equipment I use on the job includes a clock that needs to be set accurately, as well as some of the electronic gadgets associated with my security role. 

I heard that some time ago, when the whole DST scheme was first being contemplated, one of our brilliant congress-critters flew into a bush village, and asked a Native elder what he thought of the idea.  The elder thought for just a few seconds before speaking.  "Hmmm.  Only a white man would think of cutting the end off a blanket, sewing it onto the other end of the blanket, and think the result would be a bigger blanket." 

There isn't much else to write about tonight, and I need to head out on rounds again before much longer.  Once I'm back home and back into the swing of my "real" life I'm sure I'll have more to share. 

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  1. G'day Swanny - hope you don't mind - I passed on your DST story - enjoyed by many. Good luck with the hunting! Terry