Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dog Food Day

I had planned to do more road crossings with small teams today, but an early morning call from Brent Sass' buddy, Greg, forced a change of plans.  Here is the deal.

Some time back Coldspot Feeds stopped carrying Dr. Tim's brands of dog food.  I've only found one other brand of dog food that has been comparable for my team, and it became unavailable when 48er Feeds went out of business last year.  That left me in a bit of a quandary.  These two brands were the only premium, high-performance dog food I had found with no corn in their formulations. 

Having a corn free feed is vital for Amazing Grace.  Grace suffers from canine OCD, and even minute amounts of corn (maize) in her feed messes with her brain chemistry in a very bad way.  So long as we keep her away from corn and give her plenty of physical and mental exercise she does just fine. 

So, I was delighted to learn that Dr. Tim's Momentum is available in the area, from long-distance sled dog racer Brent Sass.  Picking up the dog food isn't nearly so convenient as a quick trip to the feed store, though.  It requires some coordination between the customer, Brent and his buddy Greg. 

It requires the customer (me) to order food well in advance of the need, and then make arrangements to meet with Greg to pick up the product.  So, when Greg called to tell me he was available it prompted me to change plans in order to make the trip to town to pick up the chow.  I'm sure the dogs appreciate it, though.  They like eating almost as much as they like running.

Since I needed to go into town anyway, I also made some stops at the coffee roasters for a pound of good coffee, Coldspot for some de-wormer, at Home Despot for a light fixture and switch, at the grocery store for a few small sundries, and at the service station to fill the gas tank. 

Back home I helped Ted find a good line for one of his snowhooks, he and I unloaded 600# of kibble, and I finally got around to eating a bit of lunch.  Unfortunately by the time I'd done all that there wasn't enough time left to run the dogs (sigh).

But, with all those errands out of way I can't think of anything likely to interfere with the more important task of having fun for a  least a few days, so we're ready and raring to get back out on the trail.

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