Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fixed It

With my basket sled no longer operable as a dog sled (though it might look nice nailed to the wall of my house), I needed to repair the broken drag mat bracket on my old beater training toboggan, so that was my primary project today.  It only required one trip to the hardware store for some bits and pieces and is now ready to run again.  It'll get a good workout tomorrow, I imagine.  I plan to run two teams again, so by the end of it I should know if the new part will hold up or not.

Apparently the Copper Basin 300 got off to a good start as scheduled.  As I write their on-line leaderboard shows 6 teams into Chistochina, including Brent Sass, Lance Mackey, Johames Rhyge, Jake Berkowitz, Aliy Zirkle and Nicolas Petit.  Although that is the order in which they arrived, I'm not sure it's proper placement as it doesn't take into account the start differential.

There isn't much else to report tonight, and I plan to hit the rack early.  I'll let you know how the new part on my toboggan sled holds up under stress tomorrow.

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