Sunday, January 23, 2011

Social Time

Yesterday was a social day for me.  I spent most of the day volunteering to help with the Two Rivers Dog Musher's Association's Hamburger Run, and then the evening attending the Yukon Quest's purse-party.  Both were a lot of fun.

Today I've feeling lazy, and the "break" in the weather was prematurely reported.  It turned cold again, so I'm enjoying a day of rest.  Tomorrow Ted and I are going to focus on training small teams to safely cross the highway.  We should have time to do several different repetitions with various combinations of lead dogs.  The goal is to train the dogs to come to a complete stop each and every time we come up to the road, and then to dash straight across when we cue them to do so.

Although I'm a bit bored with doing these little short runs and not a lot of exploring, I'm pleased with our focus on training these young leaders this year.  The dogs are coming along nicely.


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