Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Afternoon Commentary

There is so little reliable information coming to us from the Yukon Quest trail that I can't even refer to this post as a 'report'.  It is more like a commentary, based on more on wild guesswork than on usable data. 

Yukon Quest 300

Thus far, 13 teams have finished the Yukon Quest 300.  In finish order, they are:

1st Gerry Willomitzer

2nd Ed Hopkins

3rd Mathias Beck

4th Aliy Zirkle (YAY Aliy!)

5th Susie Rogan (Congratulations Susie - it was a race well run.)

6th Paige Drobny
7th Misha Pederson
8th Nathan McNee 

9th Brian Wilmshurst

10th Jessie Royer
11th Rolf Meili (Give Denali a big hug and extra Yummy Chummies from me)
12th Yuka Honda

13th Oyvind Jakobsen

I believe there are 10 more teams still out on the YQ-300 trail.
The Yukon Quest
The question of the day is "Where the heck is Hugh Neff?"  It's pretty obvious that Neff's GPS satellite messenger isn't working.  There is NO WAY he would stay at the Scroggie Creek dog drop for so long.  I'm guessing he's out there somewhere on the trail mixing it up with the other front-runners.  That means he could be anywhere between first and 8th place at the moment.  Apparently Quest officials are unable to communicate with the Scroggie Creek dog drop, either.  So far the leaderboard doesn't reflect any activity through the dog drop at all.
Live Tracking would seem to indicate that Dallas Seavey is currently in lead, followed by Sebastian Schnuelle, Allen Moore, and Hans Gatt, but Gatt's device was last detected about 5 hours ago, so he's either giving his team a rest or he's actually further along that the device indicates.  Well behind these front-runners, Dan Kaduce, Ken Anderson and Kelley Griffin appear to be approaching the Black Hills.  
I'm afraid all of this information could be a bit misleading.  I suspect that some of the tracking devices aren't working as they should be, and of course the absence of reports from the Scroggie Creek dog drop don't help us deduce who is really where.  We may have to wait until teams pull into Dawson to know what's happening with any degree of confidence. 

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