Thursday, February 10, 2011

Evening on the Trail - Fortymile River Country

Watching the Yukon Quest Live Tracking is a lot of fun this evening.  With strong satellite connections we are able to get a reasonably accurate, near real time view of what's going on out there, and some of it is really pretty cool.

Hugh Neff is maintaining a strong lead over Hans Gatt.  Hugh appears to be on the Taylor highway.  It looked he stopped just long enough to feed his dogs and give them enough time to digest their meal, and then got right back up on the runners.  Meanwhile Hans was stopped right at the international border to give his team a meal.  He hung out about the same amount of time, but of course he has no idea that Hugh is extending his lead, apparently by a considerable margin.  Right now it looks like Hugh has a nearly 40 mile lead on his closest competitor.  That's going to be hard to overcome, though it certainly was overcome in the 2009 race. 

I imagine Hans also doesn't have a clue about what's happened behind him.  Brent Sass and Allen Moore are on the move, and are doing so in a real serious fashion.  Both have passed Ken Anderson and as of a few seconds ago were running less than a quarter mile apart.  Sebastian has also passed Ken, and is about 6 miles behind Allen.  He may be even closer, as his last GPS signal was transmitted nearly half an hour ago, compared to Allen's signal that is only two minutes old.  Dallas Seavey appears to be resting his team at the Fortymile hospitality stop. 

That's what's happening at the moment, but the teams seem to be mixing things up pretty good out there.  Meanwhile, my laundry is probably dry by now, so it's time for me to prep my uniforms, put away my small-clothes, and grab a few hours of sleep.  I can hardly wait to see what will happen overnight. 

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