Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rookie Rocks the Race Trail

Dallas Seavey won the 2011 Yukon Quest "Rookie of the Year" award the hard way, the same way that Lance Mackey did so in 2005.  Crossing the finish line at 11:05 pm, the rookie of the year won the Yukon Quest, holding off veteran and former champion Sebastian Schnuelle by only 33 minutes.

Schnuelle, who left the Two Rivers Checkpoint 46 minutes behind the young man, gained ground through the entire run, but ultimately he just ran out of trail before he could catch him.  Ken Anderson, who left Two Rivers shortly after Seavy, crossed the finish line in 3rd place at 1:36 this morning. 

Brent Sass is currently on the Chena River and heading into town, and will most likely finish in fourth place, followed by Kelley Griffen who left the checkpoint at 3:41.  Allen Moore is the only musher currently at the checkpoint, and is scheduled to leave within the next few minutes.  Jodi Bailey, Dave Dalton and Mike Ellis are all currently in Central, and the remaining 5 "back of the pack" teams are at the Circle City checkpoint. 

After a meeting with Quest official's, Dan Kaduce's status has been changed from "withdrawn" to scratched.  Scratching indicates that the musher voluntarily resigned from the race, while a withdrawal indicates the musher was  removed by race officials.  Hugh Neff's official status remains the same.

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