Monday, February 14, 2011

Something's Up On the Trail

I don't have a lot of information tonight, but something is going on out on the trail, and we may have to wait until morning to get accurate information. 

Hans Gatt apparently arrived at the based of Eagle Summit and, according to some posting on Facebook, attempted an ascent, but ended up turning back.  He was hunkered down at the base for most of the day.

Apparently Dan Kaduce was the next musher to come by.  Dan apparently hiked out to the highway and flagged down a passing motorist in order to return to Central, requesting help from race officials and veterinarians. 

Sebastian Schnuelle passed by at some point, perhaps out of sight or sound, as he arrived at the Mile 101 checkpoint first, at 6:29 this evening.  At last report he is still there (it's currently 8:45).  Reports on Facebook are that Ken Anderson has passed through the checkpoint and is headed toward the checkpoint at Two Rivers.  Apparently Ken led both his team and Hugh's up the summit, but Hugh's team turned back.  Ken reported that Hugh and his dogs are OK.

Meanwhile Dan Kaduce and his entire team are apparently headed to Central in a vehicle.  Quest officials have dispatched a snowmachine crew with supplies to go to Hugh's location. 

That's all the information I have at the moment, but it certainly represents a HUGE (or "Hugh") change in the race.  At this point Ken Anderson, with only 8 dogs, is leading.  Sebastian is resting his team at Mile 101 and is therefore 2nd.  Hugh is somewhere back down the trail, and no one knows for sure what is happening with him.  Dallas Seavey is apparently somewhere near or even with Neff.

I'll be coming on duty about 6:00 tomorrow morning and will try to update the blog with more reliable information.  I'll be getting off for just 1 week of R&R about 10:00 a.m., and it's possible I may be able to be at the finish line when a winning team, whoever it may be, comes across. 

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  1. G'day Swanny - what an exciting race this is turning out to be - wish I was able to stay on the computer all day - or better yet, be there somewhere - thanks for your comments, as always. Regards, Terry