Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Evening YQ Report

Tonight's blog entry is dedicated to Taco.  Taco was a 6 year old wheel dog on the team of Brent Sass who died on the trail. 

It's starting to look like a sled dog race out there.  Hugh Neff left Circle City at 6:52 this morning, and has apparently been moseying along Birch Creek Wild and Scenic River, taking his time and sparing his dogs.

Hans Gatt, Sebastian Schnuelle and Dallas Seavey all left the checkpoint between 12:35 and 1:39 this afternoon, and have been racing hard.  When I checked Live Tracking about 10 minutes ago Hans and Sab were running back to back, and no more than 20 miles behind Hugh.

Of course Hugh has rested his team during the day, and both Hans and Sab have been running steadily since noon.  They will probably need to make a camp for a few hours while Hugh moves along.  Even with that in mind, it looks like Hans and Sab are gaining ground, and depending upon what happens up on Eagle Summit they may be able to make a move toward first.  It's a long shot, but it's one worth watching.

I'm sorry, but with the abysmally slow dial up connection in my living quarters I'm not sure I can live long enough to actually download the Live Tracking function right now, and I know the Quest hasn't been keeping their leader board up-to-date.  As I recall, Dan Kaduce, Dallas Seavey and Ken Anderson are all out on the trail trying to improve their positions though at this point they aren't threatening Hans or Sab.  A few minutes ago Allen Moore and Brent Sass, who has vowed to finish the race in spite of the death of Taco, were still resting in Circle City.

I'll try to update the blog as early as I can tomorrow.  I'm sorry I can't offer more tonight, but the world's slowest dial up connection just won't let me be as thorough as I would prefer.

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