Friday, February 11, 2011

YQ - Afternoon Arrival in Eagle.

I wonder if Hugh Neff is starting to feel a bit lonely as his team trots along some 40 miles out of Eagle?  Maybe so, as his closest company, Brent Sass and Hans Gatt, finally straggled into Eagle at 12:15 and 12:21 respectively.  With a four-hour mandatory layover Brent will be elegible to leave at 4:15 this afternoon, some 8 1/2 hours after Neff.  Ken Anderson arrived at 1:05 pm and Sebastian Schnuelle appears to be close behind.  Allen Moore's SPOT GPS messenger hasn't transmitted a signal in over 3 hours, so we can't be real certain where he may be. He was running with Brent, Ken and Sab earlier, so I imagine he's somewhere in that mix.

The weather forecast hasn't really improved much.  The forecast for Eagle is calling for an overnight low of -31 (F) and a high tomorrow of only -21.  The forecast for Circle City and Central are very similar.  The local forecast for Fairbanks is for bitter cold through Wednesday night, with a possible high on Thursday of a nice, balmy 10-above.  This year's Quest looks to be living up to it's reputation for being brutally cold as least part of the way.

Word on Facebook is that Christine Roalofs and her team were picked up by their handling crew once they reached a passable roadway, and are now safe in Dawson City.  There is also a rumor floating about the Clint Warnke returned to Dawson City after leaving earlier today, but it is unknown if he plans to scratch from the race, or make another attempt later on.

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