Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awesome Aurora

As I was making my midnight rounds tonight there was an amazingly active display of the aurora borealis.  It's unusual to see the lights dancing so brightly inside my work site, due to the light pollution around the facility.  I spent more than an appropriate amount of time just standing, staring at the sky in awe.

When I called a co-worker to report in, we chatted about the display, and he sent me some photographs he captured of tonight's display.  With his permission, I thought I would share some of those images with you.  All of the photos in this post were captured by Greg Lacy, working at a facility considered vital to national security near the Yukon River.

Aurora Photo by Greg Lacy

Curtains Over the Pipe (By Greg Lacy)

Aurora Over the Yukon River (by Greg Lacy)


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  1. You almost wouldn't believe it if you weren't there, would you? "Curtains" is right! Greg has done a beautiful job.