Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Bit of Weather

After enjoying clear skies and warm temperatures for so long, today's weather is a bit of a shock.  It was overcast when I came out to my workplace at 6:00 am, and it started snowing about mid-morning.  Now it is snowing sidewise and there are three or four inches on the ground.  That's great for those who are free to run dogs and play in the woods, but for me, stuck here at work, it is nothing more than something more to move with a shovel.

Apparently weather conditions are much worse in many areas of the State.  According to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner high winds and heavy snow are wreaking havok over much of the State.  The storm that ripped through False Pass tore off roofs, collapsed sheds and sent an all-terrain vehicle tumbling down the street.  A village public safety officer estimated that the winds topped out at more than 100 mph Wednesday afternoon.  The medical clinic was one of the damaged buildings. The windows were blown out and the door bowed from the force of the wind sparking fears it would give. The door held, perhaps helped by an ambulance parked against it for support.

National Weather Service Satellite Image
In other news, my friend "Bloody" Bob Hunter called me about noon, and told me of an opportunity to get a permit for a special muzzleloader only moose hunt scheduled for November of this year.  The hunt area is located on the Middle Fork of the Chena River and extends over the hills to the Salcha River drainage.  The area is accessible only by trail, but it's not too far in and in November it would be a great place to hunt by dog sled.  Bob is also a historical reenactor and avid muzzleloader hunter, so I'll be applying for the permit and, should I be successful, Bob and I will probably plan to do this hunt together, using only 18th century technology.  This permit would permit us to hunt animals of either sex, lending itself to historically authentic conditions. 

Bloody Bob and I have done historically authentic hunts together in the past, and he's one of the best hunters and woodsmen I know.  I am greatly looking forward to an opportunity to get out into the woods with him again.

For now, I'm looking forward to getting off duty in a couple of hours, relaxing for a bit after supper, and then getting some well earned sleep.  What used to be my "place of employment" truly has turned into a workplace, and at times more of a workplace than anyone might bargain for.  If things are hectic now I should probably dread summer, when everyone and everything about this remote industrial facility becomes twice as busy. 



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