Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photos of Denali - The Great One

I have to dash out the door to catch a plane to Kentucky for a week of work related training.  I seriously considered hooking up a team of dogs for a short run, but just didn't have the time to do that.  Nonetheless I did steal away some time to play with my dogs this afternoon.  Each dog a chance to 'free run' around the kennel for a little bit.  Even the 'new guy', Denali.  All of the dogs had a chance to sniff butts with him and meet him, and everyone was wonderfully well behaved during their introductions. 

While I was out in the yard I captured some photos of Denali.  He seems to be settling right in, and he is truly a delightful fellow.  He REALLY likes Yummy Chummy's and human attention, probably in that order.

Denali making himself right at home.  (Cassie is in the pen in the background)

Danali's Grampa Torus on the left, Denali on the right

Denali in the foreground, with his 'Grampa' Torus looking on in the background

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  1. Torus looks a bit heavier/thicker through the chest, maybe. They certainly do look like they are related.