Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From the Workplace...

Now I'll bet you've been sitting around thinking "Now, why don't he write?" 

Well, mostly it's because I've been at work, and there isn't a whole lot going on that I can write about.  After a while I'm sure y'all get tired of reading about the weather.

Speaking of weather, it has turned from break-up season to summer, virtually overnight.  The woods went from mucky to dry in very short order, and since Memorial day there are wildfires burning all over the region, most of which were ignited by lightning. 

Here at my workplace, we have 1 fire burning within 7 miles, and another only 12 miles away.  The State Division of Forestry is monitoring these fires, and if they pose even a slight danger will jump right on them.  Even knowing that the official government authorities are paying attention, this is NOT the view one wants to see when working at a remote petroleum-industry workplace.

Smoke Plume Rising above Living Quarters

I've been having a visitor the past few days.  She's a foxy little vixen who is apparently quite forward and bold, just elusive enough to make photography a challenge. 

Foxy Little Vixen
From my current perch, I can see a single pink rose bloom peeking through the foliage.  I expect it to be joined by millions more within the next few days.  When I spoke with Ted on the phone last night he said they aren't quite in bloom at the house nor out in Chena River State Recreation Area, but are poised to burst open at any moment. 

I brought my fly rod along to work, but still haven't wet a line. The only place near-by where I might catch a few grayling really isn't all that great a fishery, and it's been so darned busy on the job that by the end of my 12-hour shift, I haven't like doing much more than checking E-mails, surfing the web a bit, and then racking out. 

So, that's what's been happening the past week or so.  Not a lot of news to share, but it beats nothin' at all.  Once I get off duty next week I'm sure things will change considerably.  June is usually Kennel Project Month for me, and I have several projects to do this year, though none are terribly extensive they will all contribute to a more comfortable and convenient set up.

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