Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Changing View

I've spent well more than half of my time at the same spot for the past 19 years or so.  It is a pretty area, perched on a ridge between Minto Flats and the White Mountains, but even the prettiest view can grow old if it never changes.  The view here at work rarely grows old.  The topography and general ecosystem doesn't change much, or at least it hasn't changed much over the past couple of decades, but the sky is always in motion, and changes frequently.

The past couple of evenings have been truly exceptional.  We are enjoying a bit of a break from the gloomy wet weather that prevailed previously, and the result was a gorgeous sunset last night, a good illustration of the changing season this evening, and even another rainbow worthy of the expenditure of some electrons.

First, a couple of photos from last night's sunset light show:

Sunset to the northwest of my work place.

Alpineglow to the southest of last night's sunset

My Ride against the sunset

The 'working' part of my job site against the sunset
The month of August is fading fast, and so is summer.  Here is a view to the southeast of my workplace demonstrating how the golden color of chaging birch and aspen leaves has progressed over the past few days.

Gold in the hills as the leaves turn color

Pot of gold?  After a fashion, as the end of the rainbow ponits right at my guard shack, a.k.a. primary source of income.
There are only two more nights left in this tour of duty.  When I get off at 6 am Tuesday I'll be able to spend just a few hours at home before boarding a flight for central Kentucky.  I'll be doing a 40 hour clinical rotation with the Georgetown Scott County EMS, and visiting with my friend and kennel partner Janece Rollet.  There have been quite a few changes around the kennel since we last visited in April.  The most important of those have been adopting Selene, Midnight's Son and Innoko.  The big little puppy's behavior will certainly warrant considerable discussion. 

We've installed new pens, changed the layout of the play yard and hook-up area, built a new tool shed and refreshed the finish on the dog box on our truck.  We've filled in a lot of holes, moved a lot of wood shavings and generally accomplished quite a bit toward improving or maintaining the dog yard.  I feel like I can claim that it has been a good summer for us, over all.  We are almost ready for autumn - and hunting season and of course the start of sled dog training season.  It gives me a lot to look forward to. 

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