Friday, August 12, 2011

Seeing Green

Freshly painted dog box.
After more than a week of dreary dark skies and frequent rain showers we caught a break today.  Though chilly and foggy when I awakened, the day turned bright, clear and warm enough for me to get two coats of paint onto the dog box.  I considered that an important project, as the old pain was chipping and peeling.  It's not just a matter of appearance, it's a matter of protecting the expensive plywood from the ravages of extreme weather. 

The forecast is calling for more rain to start falling around midnight, and it will likely continue to rain off and on through the remainder of my R&R.  I don't have any other major projects hanging fire.  All of the dogs are healthy and happy.  The cooler weather has me looking forward to another mushing season, and it is truly just around the corner.  By the time I return home from my next tour of duty and a week of training out of State we should all be ready and rareing to hit the trail.

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