Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Equinox

Today is the autumnal equinox, when the axis of the earth is straight up and down in relation to the sun.  Many calendars refer to the autumnal equinox as "the first day of autumn", but in reality we have been enjoying autumn-like weather for well over a month up here in the Interior of Alaska, while 'summer' conditions promise to linger for a good long while in many regions of the American south. 

Weather forecasters are promising a hard frost at some point over the weekend, which is considerably later than normal in this region.  So much for all of those late summer predictions of an early fall or winter, eh? 

Here at my work place conditioins are decidedly autumnlike.  There are more leaves on the ground than still clinging to trees and brush, and those that do remain are mostly yellow, red or even deadleaf brown.  I haven't yet seen any snowflakes, which is later than typical, but there is no question that snow and constant below freezing temperatures are approaching fast. 

I finally feel like I can start looking forward to my next R&R from work, which will start Tuesday morning.  I'm afraid I've drawn jury duty during this R&R, which is relatively frequent up here.  Potential jurists are chosen from among those who apply for permanent fund dividend payments in Alaska, on the assumption that nearly all residents apply for their dividend payment, and therefore qualify.  Given a relatively high crime rate compared to our low population density, coupled with the litigous nature of Americans today, I get called for jury duty about once every two or three years.  It's rare for me to actually be called in to serve, and even when I have been required to show up, I've never been selected to serve on a jury.

I nonetheless have to keep those dates open, so generally I have a pretty open-ended schedule for the upcoming R&R.  I'll definitely be running dogs frequently, it's the proper time of year to be doing so.  I have a few 'last minute' chores to do around the place before snow falls, but they are very few compared to many years.  Perhaps the highest priority is stocking up with straw for dog house bedding.  Some trail work will certainly be needed here and there. 

In any event, today's post is just a brief update to remind you all that I'm still alive and well, and very much looking forward to having some time for the things I want to do, rather than the mundane drudgery of a wage slave.

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