Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1st Cold Snap

We are 'enjoying' our first serious cold snap of the season.  Yesterday a low temperature of minus-thirtyfive degrees (F) set a new record for November 15th in Fairbanks.  It isn't quite so cold here at work as we are high enough above the valley floor to avoid the 'cold sink' effect.  Nonetheless, the thermometer was reading plenty low when I came on duty at 6:00 AM.

One of our patrol officers noted a low temperature of minus-58 at the Yukon River crossing this morning.  Now THAT will make a fellow shiver, I don't care who you are.

The forecast is calling for cold weather through the weekend and into early next week.  That may be interesting as I'll be getting off duty for some well deserved R&R (and dog running) Tuesday morning.  If it stays bitter like this I may be more interested in soaking in the hot springs than running dogs in the ice fog.

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