Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chetan and Animosh B'Day Pics

Chetan and Animosh turned 12 weeks old today.  I swear, they are little heathens, mauling each other, mauling their toys, mauling the house, and scheming on ways to maul the outside dogs as well.  Currently Animosh weighs 26 lb., and her hefty sister Chetan tips the scale at nearly 29.

They are truly fearless little dogs at this point, showing they haven't yet entered the first 'fear imprint' phase of their development.  They were very curious about the vacuum cleaner, but not afraid of it in any way.  In fact, they are very curious about EVERYTHING. 

Keeping track of two active puppies simultaneously is a challenge, but I couldn't be happier with their development. 

Chetan at 12 weeks of age.

Animosh at 12 weeks of age.
On the Quest Trail:

Out on the Yukon Quest trail, it looks like Allen Moore and Hugh Neff are racing head to head toward Whitehorse.  They both left the Pelly Crossing checkpoint shortly after 6 AM, Yukon time.  Lance Mackey has fallen behing the leaders by two hours, leaving Pelly Crossing shortly after 8:00 AM with only 9 dogs on his gangline.  According to the live tracker, Jake Berkowitz will be arriving at the Pelly Crossing checkpoint in just a few minutes.

At the other end of the race, Michael Telpin brought his 9 Chukchi dogs into Dawson at 7:22 Yukon Time this morning, for his mandatory 36 hour layover.  Michael is in some danger of running afoul of a rule that requires back of the pack mushers to be no more than 2 1/2 days being the leaders.  So far he's OK, but he can't afford to fall behind by any more than another six hours or so.

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  1. My class just sang Happy Birthday to your pups. We are still following along!